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Ariana and Sandoval Finally Rage at Each Other on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

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Ariana Madix’s life may seem better than ever, but it’s become abundantly clear she’s still reeling from the Scandoval, and struggling to process it all. After weeks of stonewalling, Ariana finally snapped at not just Tom Sandoval, but the entire cast this week, releasing the anger and resentment she’s built up in the wake of her new reality.

Even though we’re only 10 episodes into Vanderpump Rules’ new era, it’s almost hard to remember how different things were before. Just two seasons ago, Ariana and Sandoval were still a power couple, while Katie and Schwartz were married (certainly not a power couple, but married nonetheless). This entire season has felt like one long, drawn-out epilogue, and in many ways placed every single cast member in a role foreign to them. That’s what makes the amusing consistency of Katie and Schwartz stand out amid a sea of change.

For how different everything has become, those two are an ever-present constant, serving as a beautiful reminder that dysfunction will always run at this show’s core. It’s night and day to watch Katie and Schwartz cohabitate on screen versus the cold war that’s brewing between Ariana and Sandoval. The two have stayed completely away from each other all season, their first words spoken to each other not happening until the ninth episode. But once they started, neither could stop this week, leading to an all-out bloodbath.

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