Trump says MTG has ‘a lot of respect’ for Speaker Mike Johnson, but her comments on a podcast the same day suggest otherwise

Donald Trump tried to ameliorate ongoing tensions between House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images, Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been threatening to oust Speaker Mike Johnson from his chair.On Friday, Donald Trump tried to downplay tensions between the two representatives.MTG went on Steve Bannon’s show the same day, saying Johnson is “full of shit.”

Donald Trump appears to be trying to play the role of diplomat amid ongoing tensions between House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

For weeks, the Georgia representative has threatened to oust Johnson from his chair ever since the House passed a $1.2 trillion government funding bill, arguing that it did not do much to move forward the GOP’s priorities such as immigration.

On Friday, Trump tried to ease those tensions with his public endorsement of the Speaker during a press conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“I stand with the speaker,” Trump told reporters as Johnson stood beside the former president.

When asked about Greene’s motion to vacate, Trump said that he got along well with both representatives and claimed that Greene sympathized with the difficult job Johnson has faced since he took up the role as Speaker.

“I think he’s doing a very good job,” Trump said, adding, “I’m sure that Marjorie understands that. She’s a very good friend of mine, and I know that she has a lot of respect for the Speaker.”

But hours before Trump held his press conference, the Georgia representative repeatedly criticized the Speaker on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” show.

Greene excoriated Johnson for Friday’s passage of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, which she said gives the federal government too much power to spy on citizens. She then went on a brief tirade about the coverage she’s received from mainstream media and claimed that most Americans would agree with her ideas.

“They know I mean exactly every single word I say, and I’m not full of shit just like Mike Johnson is, and I’m actually going to follow through with action instead of lie to people on television, and in press conferences, and out on the campaign trail,” she said.

In March, Greene filed a motion to vacate Johnson only months after the House was thrown into chaos after Rep. Kevin McCarthy was removed from his speakership. Greene previously supported McCarthy’s bid to become Speaker and was one of the 210 Republicans who voted to keep the California representative in his seat.

Greene’s calls to oust Johnson from his role have frustrated some of her Republican colleagues and those in Trump’s orbit.

One source close to Trump told Politico that Greene’s threats were “100 percent distraction. Unwanted. And just stupid.”

Spokespeople for Greene, Johnson, and Trump did not respond to requests for comment sent outside regular business hours.

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TikToker says she was trapped in 115-degree heat after her Tesla locked her inside during a software update

A TikToker says she got stuck in her Tesla for 40 minutes during a software update.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

A TikToker says she got stuck in her Tesla for 40 minutes during a software update.Her car was parked in the sun, and during the update she says the temperature inside reached 115°F.The door has a manual release, but the user guide says opening it during an update can damage the vehicle.

A TikToker says she was “roasting like a freakin’ chicken” after she got stuck in her Tesla on a hot day while the car completed its software update.

The TikToker, whose screen name is Brianna Janel, said in a series of videos that she expected the software update to last 24 minutes, according to a message displayed on the internal screen in the vehicle — long enough for her to finish a work call while she waited for her Chick-fil-A order to be ready — but she was still locked inside by the time her call had finished.

“When your car is updating, you’re stuck in your car if you activate it while you’re in here,” Janel said in her first video, which had received 18.3 million views at the time of publication. “So I did that and now I’m stuck in my car literally dripping sweat — like dripping sweat — and inside my car, it’s 103 degrees.”

According to the Omni Calculator, on a 75-degree day, the internal temperature of a car can reach up to 115°F in just 40 minutes. In Orange County, where Janel said she’s from, the weather on the afternoon when she posted the video hit a high of 76°F.

Tesla’s user manual alerts owners that some safety features are disabled during software updates and warns not to open the doors or windows while the update is installed, or else “you could damage the vehicle.”

The manual doesn’t specify what kind of damage could occur, but the Model 3 starts at $38,990 while a Model X starts at $79,990, giving owners a significant financial incentive not to risk it.

“I’m slightly freaking out, I hope I don’t run out of air. I can’t open up the doors or the windows otherwise, I could potentially damage my car,” Janel continued in her viral video. “So yeah. I will be stuck in my car until further notice.”

Commenters on the video were split between blaming Janel for refusing to use the emergency manual release and blaming Tesla for what some described as a “huge safety issue.”

In a later video, Janel said she had owned her Tesla for about 6 years, but this was the first time she’d decided to update the car while she was inside. By the 30-minute mark, she decided to just “wait it out” because she didn’t want to damage the vehicle, though she added she would have opened it if she felt she was actually risking her health.

“I made it out of my car — look, I’m sweating. I’m literally dripping sweat; you can see it on my face,” she said in a video update regarding her ordeal. “I just got stuck in my car as it was updating for 40 minutes, and the interior is 115 degrees. The AC has never felt so good and I’ve never felt better.”

Despite the incident, Janel said she still loves her Tesla and calls it “a good vehicle,” but she issued a warning to those who came across her video: “Do not update it when you’re sitting in the car. Stick to updating it at 2 a.m. like I used to do it.”

Janel and representatives for Tesla did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.

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What if Putin Doesn’t Want Peace?

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

As the Ukraine war rages for a third year, with casualties well into the hundreds of thousands, some Americans argue that the United States should pursue peace via negotiations, instead of helping Ukraine fight off Russia’s invasion.

It’s a common position among the Republican Party’s dominant MAGA wing—for example, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) argued that military aid for Ukraine “should be totally off the table and replaced with a push for peace talks”—as well as the “anti-war” left, and some self-styled “realists.”

The underlying logic is that American support makes the Ukrainians overconfident—including in 2023’s costly and largely unsuccessful counteroffensive—and the U.S. doesn’t mind sacrificing an indefinite number of Ukrainians to hurt Russia. Therefore, weakening Ukraine by withdrawing aid would encourage them to pursue reasonable accommodation. In this vision, Ukraine concedes land Russia currently controls and formally promises never to join NATO, the U.S. guarantees it, and the violence finally ends.

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Truth Social Investors Try to Keep Hope Alive as Stock Tanks

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images and Truth Social

Donald Trump’s acolytes gathered at Mar-a-Lago to on Wednesday evening to celebrate the public listing of his social media firm, even as the company’s stock continued to crater. Under the Palm Beach sky, right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka suckled a cigar, actor Jon Voight posed for photos, and country singer turned bible salesman Lee Greenwood belted his runaway hit “God Bless the USA.” At the end of the song, he and the former president saluted.

In a speech, Trump encouraged investors to keep calm. “We have over $200 million dollars in cash, which is very liquid,” he said, according to a reporter from Right Side Broadcasting Network in attendance.

On Trump’s social media site, Truth Social, the mood is less ebullient. “Man I really thought we were gonna see a jump today. Especially after that party last night. There is always tomorrow,” one user lamented on Thursday morning.

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Biden’s 3 Most Politically Incompetent Mistakes as President

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty

For those of us who see Donald Trump as a cross between a tyrant and a clown, the notion that Joe Biden isn’t mopping the floor with him continues to feel insane. We are left scratching our heads and wondering why Biden isn’t a) winning big, or b) getting credit for his accomplishments.

What did he do that rendered him almost as unpopular as Trump?

Answers to these questions tend to break down into two categories, including problems that were outside of Biden’s control, and the disasters he invited into his presidency. I want to focus on the latter group because I believe that Biden would be on his way to re-election had he simply not fallen prey to avoidable mistakes.

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Judge Deals Blow to Texas AG’s ‘Retaliatory’ Probe of Watchdog Group


Progressive media watchdog group Media Matters for America celebrated a legal win Friday, announcing that a federal judge has imposed a preliminary injunction against Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general who sought to investigate the group after it reported on white nationalist content appearing on X, formerly Twitter.

Media Matters President and CEO Angelo Carusone released a statement calling the news a “victory for free speech.”

“Elon Musk encouraged Republican state attorneys general to use their power to harass their critics and stifle reporting about X. Ken Paxton was one of those AGs that took up the call and he was defeated. Today’s decision is a victory for free speech,” Carusone said.

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Give Susie Essman an Emmy Nod for Final Season of ‘Curb’


This week:

Attention Must Be Paid!

It is a rare, affirming experience when you are watching a TV series or film and see yourself reflected back at you. I realized this last week that it’s finally happened for me, thanks to a 68-year-old incredibly rich Jewish woman with rage issues, an unfiltered and filthy mouth, disastrous wardrobe, and conviction that the world is conspiring to keep her from being skinny. Finally, I feel seen.

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Everyone’s Finally Getting Laid on ‘Mary & George’


Now that Mary & George has set the scene for Mary Villiers’ loathsome exploits in its dastardly premiere, the show can start getting truly down and dirty, coating itself in the muck of royal revelry. In the limited series’ second episode, Julianne Moore’s Mary is coaxing the favor of not just King James I for her son George (Nicholas Galitzine), but of a potential wife for her troubled first-born child John (Tom Victor), as well. John’s violent impulses could spell trouble for Mary and George’s larger plans with the king, so it’s in her best interests to marry him off and put him out of mind.

But that’s far easier said than done once a slew of new enemies step in to block her path. Oh, well! She’ll just throw them onto her ever-growing list of adversaries. Episode 2 shows us that there is no danger or foe that Mary is incapable of staring down with a steadfast glare and a smirk.

In 1615, about a year or so after George first met King James (and almost lost his hand for a violent outburst that followed), Mary ventures to a brothel, where she meets a young prostitute Sandie (Niamh Algar), who propositions her for sex. “Why pay for a fruit so easy to pluck?” Mary asks Sandie. “I say you need something, love,” Sandie says, eyeing Mary up beyond just what Sandie can see of Mary on the surface. “I’ve seen enough half-souls in my days, worn down by mistress time, those who never feel full of heart. And, I see you.”

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How Ryan Gosling Gets Away With Laughing ‘Too Much’ on SNL

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty Images/SNL

When Ryan Gosling sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show this week, the conversation inevitably turned to his experience hosting Saturday Night Live. Although the show’s fanbase has been thrilled ever since Gosling’s return was announced for this weekend, Gosling himself seems worried. “I feel like I laugh too much,” he confessed, and later added of the SNL crew, “They take it very seriously, this comedy thing.”

Gosling tried asking Fallon for advice on how to stop laughing, but they both acknowledged that he was “not the right person” to help him with this issue. Fallon, also famous for breaking in sketches, instead skipped the advice and simply comforted Gosling for being an “easy laugher” like himself. “People like Will Ferrell will attack us,” he joked. “They know we’re going to laugh and they just do something that’ll make us laugh and break.”

Although it’s been seven years now since Gosling last hosted, most SNL fans are familiar with his concerns. The writers and cast members ramped up the wackiness when he was around, and part of both episodes’ charm was that Gosling was not able to handle it with a straight face.

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Iowa Governor Defies Feds to Scare Migrants and Endanger Kids

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The latest instance of “Iowa Nice” as practiced by Gov. Kim Reynolds includes empowering the police in her state to arrest undocumented immigrants.

She thereby makes Iowa a place for immigrants to avoid when it is in the midst of an ongoing labor shortage.

Even if you were a completely legal immigrant in the county, why would you seek to settle in a state when you have to worry about becoming fair game to any cop who pulls you over?

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Trump Claims States Have Found ‘Very Beautiful Harmony’ Amid Abortion Turmoil

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump has called the widespread turmoil inflicted on states in the aftermath of overturning Roe v. Wade a “very, very beautiful harmony.”

The former president made several statements on the issue during a press conference with House Speaker Mike Johnson on Friday, each more obscuring than the last.

The harmony Trump references seems at odds with his statement earlier this week that Arizona’s state Supreme Court had made a mistake in not repealing a highly restrictive Civil War-era abortion ban. Even Trump agreed that the ban went too far.

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Pro-Israel Conservatives Are Done With Tucker Carlson

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

“Tucker Carlson, please come back soon.”

That was the message Newsweek senior editor-at-large Josh Hammer delivered shortly after Carlson’s shocking ouster from Fox News, speaking for much of the American conservative movement at the time.

“Hopefully, Carlson will retain something approximating his exceptional level of cultural and political influence in whatever role he next serves, because his witness to truth and civilizational sanity has never been more necessary,” the conservative pundit added in his April 2023 column.

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Musk’s Boring Company screwed up a Las Vegas dig, causing a public transit system to shut down temporarily: report

The Boring Company is expanding its tunnel system beneath Las Vegas, a portion of which first opened in 2021.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Elon Musk’s the Boring Company is in the process of expanding its tunnel system under Las Vegas.Fortune reported the company mistakenly exposed the base of pillars that support the Vegas monorail.The monorail was temporarily shut down and the company was issued violations, Fortune reported.

The Boring Company, the startup owned by Elon Musk that is expanding its network of tunnels under Las Vegas, was issued several violations from Clark County and accused of creating a “potential hazard” by exposing structural foundations of the Vegas Monorail, according to a new report from Fortune.

The Boring Company opened a 1.7-mile tunnel project in 2021 to transport passengers beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center in Teslas. Now the company is expanding the tunnel system to create the Vegas Loop, which is set to include the LVCC loop and the airport, downtown Vegas, and more, with 68 miles of tunnel approved by the county and city.

However, the expansion has not been without hiccups. Fortune, in part through a Freedom of Information Act request, obtained documents showing workers for the Boring Company mistakenly dug too close to pillars holding up the monorail, a 3.9-mile public transit system along the Vegas Strip.

Clark County issued three violations to the company related to two incidents in June and October of last year, in which the base of monorail pillars had been exposed, the outlet reported.

For the incident on June 15, the county ordered the monorail system to be temporarily suspended. Fortune reported that an engineering firm was brought in to assess the risk, and the following day, a construction company poured a cement mixture over the pillar base area. The monorail reopened on the evening of June 16.

The Boring Company, Clark County, the monorail, and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which owns the monorail, did not respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority acknowledged the incidents to Fortune, saying of the June incident that the Boring Company was “fixing a broken irrigation line and inadvertently exposed a Monorail foundation, so we took the correct steps to repair that, including pausing operations for a day.”

Regarding the October incident, the spokesperson said concerns were raised but were “unfounded” and that the monorail was not shut down.

“We put the public at risk for anybody who was on that monorail at that time,” a former Boring Company employee working near the June incident told Fortune.

The incidents are not the first time safety concerns have been raised about the Boring Company. In February, Fortune also published an investigation in which former employees said they felt unsafe working there.

Bloomberg also reported in February that the Boring Company was being hit with safety violations, with workers experiencing chemical burns and potentially dangerous accidents.

Some employees were left with scars after they had to travel through two feet of chemical-laced mud that made their skin feel “on fire,” according to Bloomberg, citing an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Donald Trump claims he’ll testify in hush money trial. We’ve heard that before.

Spencer Platt/Getty

Donald Trump said Friday he plans to testify in his hush-money trial, set to start Monday.Trump previously backed out of testifying in his civil fraud trial. The former president could open himself up to risky cross-examination if he testifies. 

Former President Donald Trump on Friday said he will “absolutely” testify in his upcoming Manhattan hush-money trial, which is set to begin jury selection on Monday morning.

But Trump hasn’t always kept his testimony promises.

The first of Trump’s four pending felony trials is slated to start in Manhattan state court next week, where the former president faces allegations he falsified 34 business records to cover up a $130,000 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels days before the 2016 election.

In a Friday press conference at Mar-a-Lago, Trump told reporters he plans to testify in the trial, which he called a “scam” and “witch hunt.”

“I’m testifying. I tell the truth. All I can do is tell the truth and the truth is they have no case,” he said.

Trump’s pledge to testify, however, far from assures he will actually take the stand. People familiar with his planning told The New York Times that Trump will likely wait to decide whether he testifies until he sees how strong a case District Attorney Alvin Bragg presents. The former president will also likely make a decision based on whether the judge allows prosecutors to cross examine him on the stand, the outlet reported.

During his December trial on fraud charges in New York civil court, Trump cancelled his testimony just one day before he was supposed to take the stand a second time in the case — an abrupt pivot from his lawyers’ previous insistence that Trump would testify again.

The judge in that case ultimately found Trump liable for trying to inflate his net worth, ordering him to pay nearly $355 million plus interest.

Trump is not required to testify in the hush-money case and cross-examination could leave him open to questions about several aspects of the case, including the nature of his relationship with Daniels. If found guilty, Trump could face probation or prison time.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and said he never had a sexual relationship with Daniels. 

A spokesperson for Trump did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Earlier this year, Trump testified in the defamation trial brought against him by columnist E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of sexually assaulting her. The judge in that case significantly limited what Trump was allowed to say on the stand and later ordered him to pay her $83.3 million

Trump ran out of options this week after trying several times to delay the start of the hush-money trial. Three Manhattan appellate judges rejected three different emergency delay requests on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Jury selection — which Trump called “largely luck” in his Friday press conference — is set to start early Monday. 

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Elon Musk once said Tesla’s FSD would only get more expensive. The automaker just slashed the price to $99 a month.

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y on display at the Everything Electric London 2024 show.

John Keeble/Getty Images

Tesla slashed the price of its assisted driver software, FSD Supervised, from $199 to $99 a month.Elon Musk once said the cost of Tesla’s FSD would only increase as it improves.The discount comes after Tesla missed earnings expectations for its first quarter.

Tesla announced a price cut for its assisted driver software on Friday amid lower-than-expected vehicle sales for the first quarter of 2024.

A subscription to Tesla’s Full-Self Driving software — now called FSD (Supervised) to remind drivers that the system requires their attention at all times — is now being offered for $99 a month, down from $199 a month.

You can now subscribe to FSD (Supervised) for $99/month in the UShttps://t.co/0IwC9GC0aF

Upgrades > Software Upgrades > Subscribe

— Tesla (@Tesla) April 12, 2024

It’s just one of a few recent moves Tesla has made to hook more people onto the company’s Level 2 self-driving system, which requires a driver to constantly monitor the vehicle.

Elon Musk recently mandated all Tesla employees in an internal memo to take new customers on a “short test ride” of FSD before handing over the vehicle during the delivery process.

His rationale was that “almost no one actually realized how well (supervised) FSD actually works,” according to the memo that Business Insider confirmed.

In March, the company also announced that it would be giving a free one-month trial of FSD beta to all US customers.

Now, the newly announced discount could make Tesla’s controversial driver-assist software more accessible to its customers, which would be beneficial at a time when the company is missing investor expectations and continues to work toward improving its software.

At the beginning of April, Tesla said it had delivered fewer cars in the first three months of 2024, selling 386,800 cars — about 90,000 fewer than investors expected. The company’s Q1 performance marks the first year-over-year decline in sales in nearly four years, BI reported.

More customers using Tesla’s FSD could also mean more data the company can gather to improve its software, according to TechCrunch.

The discount also marks a departure — even momentarily — from Musk’s expectation that Tesla’s Full-Self Driving system would only get more expensive.

In 2020, Musk said on X that the value of FSD could reach $100,000 as it “gets closer to full self-driving capability with regulatory approval.” It’s unclear if Musk was referring to the price per vehicle.

For a moment, that prediction did come to fruition when Musk raised the lifetime service price of FSD from $12,000 to $15,000 in 2022, with a monthly subscription option offered at $199. But last year, the company dropped the lifetime price to $12,000.

A Tesla spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

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Hush money judge eviscerates Trump’s ‘untenable’ motion to delay trial due to ‘pretrial publicity’

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg won his latest pretrial victory Friday over Donald Trump

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images; Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Trump’s hush money trial remains on track for Monday jury selection after a decision Friday night.Judge Juan Merchan denied Trump’s bid to delay the trial due to “pretrial publicity.”The judge has yet to rule on one last pretrial delay bid, a defense request that he recuse himself.

Donald Trump’s hush money trial remained on track for Monday jury selection after the judge on Friday night denied — in no uncertain terms — a defense bid to delay the trial indefinitely due to prejudicial pretrial publicity.

“This is not tenable,” the trial judge, New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, said in his decision, noting that much of the pretrial publicity has been caused by Trump himself.

Delaying the trial “is simply not an adequate remedy when there is a chance the postponement may become indefinite,” the judge wrote, in his most blisteringly-worded decision in the case to date.

Friday night’s decision leaves just one potentially trial-delaying matter yet decided before Monday.

But it’s the longest of longshots: Trump’s request that the judge recuse himself from the case because his daughter is a partner at a Chicago-based political consultancy firm that had repped such big-name Democrats as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Merchan had rejected a nearly identical defense recusal motion in August, after the state Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics found the daughter’s independent political activities provided insufficient basis to question the judge’s impartiality.

“Defendant appears to take the position that his situation and this case are unique and that the pre-trial publicity will never subside,” the judge wrote in Friday’s decision.

“However, this view does not align with reality,” he wrote.

“In just the past 12 months, Defendant has very publicly been involved in a multitude of criminal and civil cases across several states in both federal and state jurisdictions,” he wrote.

“In this County alone, Defendant has had two civil trials, one in State Court and the other in Federal Court,” the judge wrote, referring to Trump’s previous Manhattan cases — a civil fraud trial and his E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

Losing those two cases resulted in well over a half-billion-dollars in judgments against him. Trump has posted bonds covering both judgments while he appeals.

“In those two matters, he was personally responsible for generating much, if not most, of the surrounding publicity with his public statements, which were often made just a few steps outside the courtroom where the proceedings were being conducted, and with his unrelenting media posts attacking those he perceived to be responsible for his plight,” the judge wrote.

“The situation Defendant finds himself in now is not new to him and at least in part, of his own doing.”

Defense attorneys Susan Necheles and Todd Blanche had argued that “prejudicial media coverage has saturated the venire,” or jury pool, and that Manhattan is “overwhelmingly biased” against him.

They said that a fair jury could not be chosen any time in April, and asked Merchan to delay the trial indefinitely.

“President Trump’s Constitutional right to a fair trial is at stake,” the defense wrote in a March 18 delay motion that included 180 pages of supporting documents.

Defense-hired pollsters found that 61% of Manhattan potential jurors already believe Trump is guilty of something, nearly twice the rate of surrounding counties, they argued.

Just 35% believed Trump was guilty in the hush-money case specifically.

Prosecutors had questioned the defense poll’s methodology, and Merchan on Friday agreed.

The poll “provides no information about how it obtained the contact information of respondents or how it ensured its samples were actually random or representative,” the judge wrote.

Prosecutors also argued that the onslaught of pretrial publicity is in large part Trump’s own fault, and that jury selection will effectively weed out biased prospective jurors.

“Defendant’s own incessant rhetoric is generating significant publicity, and it would be perverse to reward defendant with an adjournment based on media attention he is actively seeking,” lawyers for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had written in opposing the delay.

Last week, Trump lost a Manhattan appellate court bid for an emergency delay of the trial on pretrial publicity grounds.

That appellate effort is still ongoing and argues that the trial should be moved out of Manhattan altogether.

Trump on Monday is set to become the first former president ever to stand trial on criminal charges.

Prosecutors allege he falsified 34 Trump Organization business records — including invoices, checks, and ledger entries — to hide a $130,000 hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels that silenced her just 11 days before the 2016 election.

Trump has denied the charges and Daniels’ claim that she was paid to hide a 2006 sexual encounter with the then-Apprentice star.

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Trump Publicly Defends Johnson Against MTG Ouster Threat

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Standing alongside House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Friday, Donald Trump offered his most vocal support for the leader of the House as the threat of a motion to vacate hangs over his head from one of the former president’s staunchest supporters—Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

“We’re getting along very well with the speaker, and I get along with Marjorie,” Trump said when asked about the motion to vacate during a press conference at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

“It’s not a very easy situation for any speaker. … I’m sure that Marjorie understands that and I know she has a lot of respect for the speaker.”

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