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‘Couple to Throuple’ Is Addictive, Diabolical Trash About Polyamory


Whenever a new reality dating series hits my inbox, I often find myself wondering what word participants will use to describe their time on the show. In Bachelor parlance, everyone’s on a “journey;” on Netflix’s Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum, “experience” gets tossed around a lot. And now, we have Peacock’s wickedly compelling polyamorous dating show, Couple to Throuple, where the word “experiment” takes center stage.

In case the premise is not inherently obvious from the title, Couple to Throuple follows four longtime romantic pairs as they toy with the idea of polyamory. Every few days, the couples have the opportunity to invite one of 14 “open-minded singles” into their suite at a tropical resort, or to stick with the one they’ve already chosen. In addition to host and Access Hollywood co-anchor Scott Evans, sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard is on board to help the couples navigate their desires, boundaries, and inevitable jealousy. At the end of the month, the couples will each decide whether they want to stick with the polyamorous lifestyle—and each other.

In other words, this show is about to be a big, huge, bikini-clad mess. The first three episodes debut Thursday, and appropriately enough, the rest of this season’s 10 episodes will also roll out in batches of three until the standalone finale. From our first three episodes alone, I can safely say that each of these pairs are in for a wild ride.

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