Bearaby’s New Weighted Stuffed Animals Are Actually For Stressed-Out Adults

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Bearaby.

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Let’s face it: we’re all children at heart at the sight of a cuddly, cute teddy bear. And with Bearaby’s latest release, we have an excuse to embrace our inner child—all in the name of rest, relaxation, and stress relief, of course.

Bearabuddies, a weighted stuffed animal collection from Bearaby, launched on Dec. 5, just in time to check off the rest of your holiday shopping list. The calming and astutely cute stuffed animals, which include a teddy bear, elephant, and bunny, aren’t your everyday plushies; the 4.5-pound creatures serve as a source of rest and relaxation in their design, from their squeezable, weighted paws, their heavy, huggable, squishable bellies, to their flat, evenly weighted backs. Every detail of their design is meant to support a calming, restful self-care routine.

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