This Cleansing Stick Is a Travel Must-Have—And It’s Great for Everyday, Too

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Jones Road Beauty.

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I’m a travel and beauty writer, which means two things: 1) I’m pretty much always on the go, and 2) I’m constantly testing skincare and makeup products, which, given my ultra-sensitive skin, can sometimes cause more harm than good. My skincare routine is pretty no-frills and low maintenance: I cleanse and moisturize, and, on a good day, I’ll lather on SPF and eye cream.

I try my best to maintain my lazy girl skincare routine while on the road, but sometimes, the in-room, property-branded cleansers don’t quite cut it when it comes to removing makeup. I also don’t like to travel with liquid products for fear of accidentally spilling them. So, when getting ready for bed aimlessly scrolling my TikTok feed one night about a week before I was set to jet to France for a work trip, I was psyched to come across a video featuring Jones Road’s The Cleansing Stick. The product isn’t exactly new—it was released a little over a year ago—but seeing it in action was enough to convince me to shell out a cool $34, a charge my husband definitely wasn’t expecting to see on our credit card bill (sorry!).

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