Speaker Johnson: Santos Expulsion Was a ‘Regrettable Day’

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Saturday said the expulsion of George Santos by an overwhelming majority of House lawmakers marked a “regrettable day” in the House, before adding that he would be forging ahead with Republican’s efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.

The House voted 311-114 on Friday to send Santos packing after his dizzying web of fabrications and fraud was unearthed by news reports, federal investigators and the House’s own Ethics Committee.

Still, neither the revelations that Santos spent donor funds on OnlyFans, Botox, clothes and rent; misrepresented his relationship with a campaign organization he founded to other lawmakers for profit; broadly misrepresented himself to voters; lied about founding a charity for animals; lied that his grandmother was a Holocaust victim; nor the various criminal charges that allege he lied to get unemployment benefits, faked a $500,000 loan, committed identity theft as well as several other brazen fraudulent schemes and more were enough to convince Johnson that Santos shouldn’t remain a federal lawmaker.

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