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Nepo Baby of the Week: Is North West Becoming Overexposed?

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North West is officially a Kardashian now. After years of making viral TikToks and appearing at fashion shows with her mother, Kim Kardashian, the 10 year old made her inevitable solo magazine-cover debut in i-d this week, where she was dubbed the “new wave” and “the princess of pop culture.”

In the fluff piece, North answered questions about her ambitions, hobbies, and fashion tastes in a concise manner. When asked how she’d describe herself in three words, she said “the best ever,” emulating her dad, Kanye West. This profile was somehow equally as insightful as some interviews I’ve read with her twentysomething aunts. But is the intentional branding of North as an A-list nepo baby and a budding fashion icon starting to get weird? Does anyone else feel like they’re seeing more images of this child on a weekly basis than their own nieces and baby cousins?

It’s certainly not unexpected. Kardashian has been soft-launching her eldest daughter’s career as a style icon, singer, reality star, etc. in a not-so-discreet fashion since she could walk. But their mommy-daughter TikTok account, which produced some genuinely hilarious content and also generated scrutiny, really kicked North’s celebrity into high gear. As much as Kim tried to convince us that these silly videos were an organic pastime, it seems like it was just a springboard for her inevitable career as an influencer.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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