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This Trump Trial Will Decide If Cheaters Can Run for Office

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo by Brendan Smialowski / Getty

Former President Donald Trump and his lawyers don’t seem to understand the concept of disqualification. It means you don’t get to play.

In the Colorado lawsuit seeking to disqualify him from being on the state ballot for the 2024 presidential election, Trump’s argument boils down to claiming that voters—not courts—should decide whether he can win back the presidency. As his lawyer, Scott Gessler puts it: “(This lawsuit) looks to extinguish the opportunity… for millions of Coloradans—Colorado Republicans and unaffiliated voters—to be able to choose and vote for the presidential candidate they want.”

In a Minnesota lawsuit seeking a judicial declaration that Trump is disqualified from becoming a presidential candidate again, and asking that the Minnesota secretary of state exclude Trump from the March 5, 2024, presidential nomination primary, Trump’s lawyers took a similar tact. They wrote in legal pleadings that “the federal Constitution and Minnesota law place the resolution of this political issue where it belongs: the democratic process, in the hands of either Congress or the people of the United States.”

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