DeSantis Makes Cringey Attempt to Reclaim ‘Bootgate’ Narrative – DIGIWIZ CENTRAL

DeSantis Makes Cringey Attempt to Reclaim ‘Bootgate’ Narrative

Randall Hill/Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on Thursday contributed to the seemingly never-ending discourse about whether or not he wears lifts in his boots by outlining a bizarre scenario in which he would wear a boot on his head at next week’s GOP primary debate.

During an interview on Newsmax, the Florida governor—who has denied wearing any sort of height-boosting footwear—first responded to the chatter by saying that “this is no time for foot fetishes” because “we’ve got serious problems as a country.”

He went on to mention how Donald Trump has weighed in on the topic. On Tuesday, the former president’s campaign declared “#BOOTGATE” to be the “KISS OF DEATH” for DeSantis.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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