John Oliver Takes Down World’s Weirdest Wannabe President – DIGIWIZ CENTRAL

John Oliver Takes Down World’s Weirdest Wannabe President


HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver saw its host reserve his harshest criticism Sunday night for Javier Milei, a right-wing libertarian Argentinian challenging that country’s finance minister in the upcoming presidential runoff election.

Oliver introduced Milei to American audiences via a 2019 clip of Milei in cosplay, describing himself as “General Ancap.” Ancap, short for anarcho-capitalist.

“Yeah! Just a classic, run-of-the-mill, presidential candidate dressed like Mr. Peanut dressed as a wizard dressed as Batman, pledging to kick the shit out of Keynesians,” Oliver observed. “If I had one note for that superhero, though, it’s that John Maynard Keynes probably isn’t the most compelling super-nemesis. Few economists are. There’s a reason the Avengers fought Thanos and not Alan Greenspan.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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