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Experian Smart Money Review 2023

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Experian Smart Money – Product Name Only can help consumers with little-to-no credit history gain fair and affordable access to credit. The account takes one of Experian’s most successful features — Experian Boost — and embeds it into a digital checking account to help consumers build credit more easily. 

Experian Smart Money Review

You can access the Experian Smart Money Digital Checking Account online or via Experian’s mobile app. The account connects to Experian Boost to help you get credit for some of the bills you already pay, including: 

Mobile and landline phone billsUtility bills (gas, water, electric, solar)Online residential rent paymentsInternet, cable, and satellite providersVideo streaming subscriptionsTrash collection services

Normally, your payment history for these bills wouldn’t factor into your credit score. This makes Experian Smart Money a great tool for improving your credit.

There is a Experian Smart Money – Minimum Deposit minimum opening deposit and Experian Smart Money – Fees Display. You’ll have access to online bill pay, money transfers, early direct deposit, and a network of 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs. The account comes with a debit card that you can add to your digital wallet and start using right away, plus access to Experian membership benefits like credit monitoring. 

About Experian Smart Money

Experian is one of the three major credit bureaus in the U.S. The company recently unveiled a new checking and debit card account called Experian Smart Money to help you boost your credit score.

The account comes with a free feature called Experian Boost, which gives you credit for paying bills that don’t usually impact your credit score. According to Experian, users whose scores increase with Boost see an average FICO score bump of 13 points. 

You may receive a Experian Smart Money – Intro Bonus with this account. You must receive $1,000 in direct deposits in the first 45 business days to get the bonus.

There is a Experian Smart Money – Minimum Deposit minimum opening deposit and Experian Smart Money – Fees Display. Your deposits are FDIC-insured for up to $250,000. You’ll have access to a network of 55,000+ fee-free ATMs worldwide, Experian’s highly rated mobile app, and live customer support seven days per week. 

Experian Smart Money is designed for people actively seeking ways to improve their credit scores and those just starting their financial journey. It doesn’t look into your banking history through ChexSystems like most banks do, so poor banking history shouldn’t stop the company from letting you open an account. A poor credit profile also isn’t a factor in eligibility for an Experian account.

Is Experian Smart Money Trustworthy?

In general, Experian is recognized worldwide as a safe and trustworthy credit reporting agency. Still, Experian has a C+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) due to the number of complaints customers have filed against the business, the length of time Experian takes responding to the complaints, and government actions against the company.

In November 2022, 40 U.S. states entered into two settlements with Experian over data breaches in 2012 and 2015. Experian paid money in the settlements, agreed to improve its data security, and promised five years of free credit monitoring to customers who were impacted by the breaches.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, Experian hasn’t had any data breaches within the last five years. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has received only a handful of complaints about Experian Smart Money. However, it has received thousands regarding Experian, most of which involve incorrect information on credit reports. 

Experian Smart Money Review: Pros and Cons


Build credit without taking on debt

Experian Smart Money – Minimum Deposit minimum balance and Experian Smart Money – Fees Display

Experian Smart Money – Ongoing Bonus bonus for qualifying customers

Early direct deposit

Online bill pay and money transfers

55,000+ free ATMs worldwide

Free financial tools

No physical branchesNo physical debit card (digital only)Denies transaction if it would overdraw your account$3 out-of-network ATM feeOnly works with Experian credit reports

Experian Smart Money FAQs

What is Experian Smart Money?

Experian Smart Money is a digital checking account and debit card that aims to help you build your credit score. The account offers access to 55,000+ fee-free ATMs worldwide, early direct deposit, free credit monitoring, online bill pay, and money transfers.

How does Experian Smart Money work?

Experian Smart Money links to Experian Boost, which scans your transactions and gives you credit for making on-time everyday bill payments. Payment history is the most important factor in determining your credit score, so Experian Boost can help you improve your score, whether you’re new to establishing credit or trying to rebuild. 

Does Experian really boost your credit?

Experian Boost includes your payment history of certain household bills in your Experian credit profile. You choose which bills to share, and up to two years of payment history is added to your Experian credit report. If you have a history of on-time payments, it can help boost your credit.

Is Experian Smart Money legit?

Yes, Experian Smart Money is a legitimate checking account and debit card. Funds are held at Community Federal Savings Bank, a Member FDIC bank, so your deposits are insured for up to $250,000. 

How do I deposit money into my Experian Smart Money account?

You can deposit money by setting up direct deposit, transferring money from another bank account, or depositing cash at a retail store in the Mastercard rePower Load Network

Experian Smart Money Comparison

Experian Smart Money vs. Credit Karma Money

The Credit Karma Money Spend Account – Product Name Only and Experian Smart Money both offer early direct deposit, online bill pay, and 55,000 free Allpoint ATMs — with no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements. Credit Karma Money lets you earn cash back on select everyday debit card purchases, which is something Experian Smart Money doesn’t offer. 

Both accounts help you build credit, but in different ways. Experian Smart Money gives you credit for making everyday bill payments. With Credit Karma Credit Builder – Product Name Only, you open a Credit Karma Money Spend Account and receive a line of credit. You can transfer money from your line of credit into your Credit Builder savings account each month, then build credit as you make monthly repayments.

Experian Smart Money may be a better choice if you want credit for the bills you already pay, while Credit Karma makes sense if you can benefit from the line of credit.

Credit Karma Money Review

Experian Smart Money vs. Chime

Experian Smart Money and Chime have similar features, including no monthly or overdraft fees, no account minimums, early direct deposit, and highly rated mobile apps. 

Chime offers two opportunities for building your credit. The first is through the Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card – Product Name Only, which you can open provided you meet the age and identity requirements. (There’s no credit check.) The other way is through Experian Boost, which is integrated into Chime’s mobile app. Both are good options if you’re actively building your credit or would have trouble qualifying for accounts at other banks. 

Chime Review

The bottom line: The best checking accounts have low fees and are easy to use — Experian Smart Money offers both with Experian Smart Money – Fees Display, an extensive ATM network, and a user-friendly mobile app. The account stands out because it helps you improve your credit score when you make everyday bill payments. For this reason, the account is best for people who are just starting to build credit or could use help improving their credit score.

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