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Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video Was Girlbossing at Its Pettiest

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To honor Taylor Swift’s latest rerecording, we’re celebrating 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Week at The Daily Beast’s Obsessed. That means we’re throwing it back to 2014, to relive everything that Taylor—and the rest of pop culture—was up to.

Despite being a card-carrying Swiftie—without the concerning qualities of one—I have a few dissenting opinions about Taylor Swift. The main one: She lacks visual judgement, whether it’s her largely unflattering fashion choices over the years, her boring album covers, or, most of all, her lackluster music videos.

Over the course of her 17-year career, Swift has displayed a strong commitment to the visual medium, including her blockbuster concert movie and an upcoming feature film. That’s not to mention her laughable attempts to make All Too Well: The Short Film an Oscar nominee last year. However, her dense music-video catalog is largely a collection of misfires. Their conceits are often too on-the-nose or never risky enough to be memorable. Many of them also contain way too much CGI or shots of her feet.

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