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John Oliver Tears Into CNN Analyst for Pushing ‘War Crimes’


HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver made a meal out of some of the more shocking self-owns that retired military officials and current House Republicans uttered live on CNN this past week.

Last Sunday morning, for starters, retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson explained the rationale for allowing Israel to bombard Gaza until Hamas terror fighters gave up, saying, “The people are going to suffer, but they’re going to come up on the net and say, ‘Look, get us out of here.’” A perplexed CNN anchor, Victor Blackwell, replied: “Does that mean starve the Palestinian people?” Anderson confirmed as much, saying: “It sounds callous, but this is a war.”

On Last Week Tonight, a shocked Oliver replied: “What?! It is a war, but what you’re describing is a war crime. And one thing does not justify the other. Also, just spare a thought for the anchor, who probably didn’t get up that morning thinking he’d have to gently explain you can’t starve people to a former U.S. military official.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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