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Where to watch Dolphins vs. Eagles live streams for Sunday Night Football

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Sunday Night Football rolls back around for another contest between two scorching hot teams. Keep reading if you want to know where to watch a Dolphins vs. Eagles live stream tonight. 

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Arguably two of the team’s most explosive offenses, the Dolphins and Eagles game has a chance of being a classic offensive shootout. The Eagles looked pedestrian against the New York Jets’ world-class defense in week six, resulting in their first loss of the season. Miami presents a softer defensive threat, giving Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, and company a good chance to bounce back handsomely. Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill will always make it a race, however. This should be a fun one.

You can catch Sunday Night Football on your local NBC station via over-the-air antenna, cable, or satellite. You can stream the game live via Peacock or a live TV streaming service if you don’t have any of those. Not in the US? We’ll show you how to use a VPN to access affordable live streams below.

Dolphins vs. Eagles live stream quick links:

Access US streaming services internationally via ExpressVPN (try it risk-free for 30 days)USA: NBC Peacock ($5.99 monthly)NBC via Sling Blue ($40 $20 for your first month)NFL Plus ($6.99 monthly)UK: NFL Game Pass International via DAZN (£37.75 monthly)When: Pre-game coverage starts at 7 p.m. ET / 12 a.m. (Monday) BST / 1 a.m. (Monday) CEST / 9 a.m. (Monday) AEST.

How to watch Dolphins vs. Eagles from anywhere

If you’re in the US, Sunday Night Football airs on NBC stations nationwide promptly at 8:20 p.m. ET. You can tune into your local NBC affiliate using an over-the-air TV antenna, cable, or satellite box. You can stream the game via the web using your provider’s credentials if you won’t be near a TV. 

If none of those options work for you or you’re viewing from locales outside the United States, consider Peacock and NFL Plusyou must be in the US or use a VPN (learn how below) to see the US version of the site. You’ll be redirected to your local bundle equivalent. Peacock will show every Sunday Night Football game for the 2023 NFL season, starting at just $5.99 per month. You can also access the NBC channel using live TV streaming services like Sling Blue, which is usually $40 per month, but you can get your first month for just $20.

NFL Plus might be better if you’re not interested in Peacock’s other sporting live streams, shows, and movies. For $6.99 per month, NFL+ offers live streams for all local broadcasts and primetime games, including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football. You’ll also get NFL Network access, which has exclusive broadcast rights to eight games for the 2023 season. The only catch is that your choice of playback device for local and primetime games is limited to smartphones and tablets. NFL Network and NFL RedZone are viewable on all supported devices.

In addition to live game streams, you can tune into local radio broadcasts for any game, access advanced fantasy football analysis tools with Fantasy+, enjoy NFL Films content and watch ad-free highlights from every game weekly. If you go for the $14.99 NFL Plus Premium subscription, you can add full game plays, NFL RedZone, and cash in on exclusive offers from NFL Shop.

International viewers can try a VPN to use these affordable options to watch Sunday Night Football outside the US. This tool lets you trick sites into thinking you’re visiting from within a supported country, so you can sign up for Peacock and watch Sunday Night Football that way (you may need to acquire a US payment method and zip code).

If you need a VPN, there’s a great risk-free offer on the best VPN we’ve tested. Insiders have been using ExpressVPN for years for streaming and beefing up our online security. You can pick up ExpressVPN, save 49% on the usual price, and get three months for free. If you’re unsatisfied, there’s a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Want to know more about the app? We’ve got you covered with a detailed ExpressVPN review.

How to watch Dolphins vs. Eagles with a VPN

Sign up for a VPN if you don’t have one.Install it on the device you’re using to watch the game.Turn it on and set it to a US location.Go to Peacock or Sling.Sign up with a US postal code and payment method.Watch Dolphins vs. Eagles on Sunday Night Football.Tonight at: 7 p.m. ET / 12 a.m. (Monday) BST / 1 a.m. (Monday) CEST / 9 a.m. (Monday) AEST.

How to watch Dolphins vs. Eagles in the UK

UK viewers can watch full US broadcasts of every game of the 2023 NFL season by subscribing to NFL Game Pass via DAZN. It’s £37.75 for the month (£151 annually), and you can also pay week-to-week for £14.99. The monthly rate is the most economical over the long haul if you plan to watch lots of games.

NFL Game Pass on DAZN also includes post-season games (including the Super Bowl), NFL Network and NFL RedZone, NFL Originals content, highlights, and more.

Sunday Night Football schedule

Here’s a list of all upcoming Sunday Night Football games for the 2023 NFL season. Unless otherwise noted, each broadcast below starts each week with pre-game commentary at 7 p.m. ET before the 8:20 p.m. ET kickoff. Feel free to bookmark our guide to Sunday Night Football live streams for the most up-to-date information each week.

Week 7: Dolphins vs. Eagles, Oct. 22 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 8: Bears vs. Chargers, Oct. 29 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 9: Bills vs. Bengals, Nov. 5 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 10: Jets vs. Raiders, Nov. 12 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 11: Vikings vs. Broncos, Nov. 19 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Thanksgiving Game: 49ers vs. Seahawks, Nov. 23 at 8:20 p.m. ET (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 12: Ravens vs. Chargers, Nov. 26 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 13: Chiefs vs. Packers, Dec. 3 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 14: Eagles vs. Cowboys, Dec. 10 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 15: Ravens vs. Jaguars, Dec. 17 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 16: Bengals vs. Steelers, Dec. 23 at 3 p.m. ET (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Week 16: Bills vs. Chargers, Dec. 23 at 7:30 p.m. ET – ($5.99, only on Peacock)Week 17: Packers vs. Vikings, Dec. 31 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)Wildcard Playoff Game: TBA vs. TBA, Jan. 7 (NBC, $5.99 on Peacock)

Note: The use of VPNs is illegal in certain countries, and using VPNs to access region-locked streaming content might constitute a breach of the terms of use for certain services. Insider does not endorse or condone the illegal use of VPNs.

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