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The Wild Card in Israel’s War That Threatens a Global Crisis

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In just the latest clashes that threaten to propel the Israel-Hamas war into a wider conflict, the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah launched anti-tank missiles across the Lebanese-Israeli border throughout the day on Friday, prompting Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to launch strikes against Hezbollah infrastructure.

Earlier this week, two anti-tank missiles reportedly flew into the area adjacent to Kibbutz Yiftah in northern Israel. Israeli forces said they carried out counterattacks targeting the locations from which militants are believed to be launching missiles.

The latest fighting between Israeli and Hezbollah forces come after days of escalating confrontations, raising concern that Israel may soon be facing war on multiple fronts—with both Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The prospect has raised alarm bells around the world that Israel and its allies, including the United States, could eventually face off in a broader war.

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