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White Supremacist Nick Fuentes is Causing Chaos Inside Texas Youth GOP

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A simmering civil war among Texas’s young Republicans came to a boil this month after a prominent GOP donor was seen meeting with white supremacist influencer Nick Fuentes.

Fuentes, a Holocaust denier who has fantasized on livestreams about marrying a child, took an hours-long meeting with a prominent conservative donor on Oct. 6, the Texas Tribune reported this month. News of the meeting set off a wave of accusations between factions of activist Republicans in the state. Now state lawmakers are condemning one of those factions as its members flee to a rival young Republican group.

Fuentes met for several hours with Jonathan Stickland, then-president of the ultraconservative Texas donor group Defend Texas Liberty, the Tribune first reported. Also at the meeting was Kyle Rittenhouse, who became a right-wing celebrity when he was acquitted of homicide charges for fatally shooting two Black Lives Matter protesters. Fuentes was driven to the appointment by Chris Russo, president of the group Texans for Strong Borders. (None of the attendees have commented on the meeting. Defend Texas Liberty announced a new president this week, who did not return a request for comment on Stickland’s current status with the organization.)

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