Ukraine will get ATACMS missiles that can fire twice as far as the ones it just received from the US, Ukrainian official says – DIGIWIZ CENTRAL

Ukraine will get ATACMS missiles that can fire twice as far as the ones it just received from the US, Ukrainian official says

An ATACMS is fired during a joint training exercise between the United States and South Korea in October 2022, at an undisclosed location.

South Korean Defense Ministry via Getty Images

Ukraine will get an upgraded model of the long-range missiles it just received, an official said.
Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Ukraine will get ATACMS that can travel about 190 miles.
Ukraine likely used more limited ATACMS that it got from the US in a recent attack on Russian airfields.

A Ukrainian official said he believes the country will soon receive ATACMS long-range missiles from the US that can travel almost twice as far as the model that just arrived in Ukraine.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign affairs minister, told Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 that he believes the next shipment of missiles will include the newer ATACMS model, which can travel about 190 miles, according to a translation by Ukrainian outlet the Kyiv Post.

The US confirmed this week that it had sent ATACMS to Ukraine that had a range of about 100 miles. Those missiles appear to have been used in a major attack on Russian airbases.

Ukraine appeared to confirm on Tuesday that it used the missiles in strikes on two airfields in Russia-occupied territory. 

Ukraine’s defense ministry said the attacks destroyed nine Russian helicopters, an air-defense launcher, vehicles, and ammunition depots, and also damaged airfields.

One Russian milblogger with links to Russia’s air force said the airstrike may have been the “most serious” one against Russia since the country launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

In his latest comments, Kuleba cited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech on Thursday, after he had spoken with US President Joe Biden.

“We discussed defense support, including the fact that ATACMS can help us speed up the liberation of Ukraine from the occupier,” Zelenskyy said in his speech. “We also talked about preserving assistance to Ukraine next year — about a significant support package for our country.”

Kuleba said that “if you read between the lines of President Zelenskyy’s speech after his talks with Biden, you can understand that a very important decision was made.”

Asked if the decision included getting missiles with a longer range, Kuleba replied: “That’s what it means,” the Kyiv Post reported.

Kuleba did not say how many longer-range missiles he expects to arrive, or when.

The US has not announced additional shipments of ATACMS to Ukraine, though it also did not announce the previous shipment in advance.

About 20 ATACMS were sent to Ukraine in the first shipment, Western officials told The New York Times this week.

Ukraine has continued to ask its allies for more advanced and longer-range weapons to aid in its defense against Russia.

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