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These Pajamas Were on Oprah’s Favorite Things List, and Now I Know Why

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For years, I was the girl who went to bed in an old T-shirt and sweatpants every night. My personal favorites were tourist t-shirts I got at gift shops over summer vacations, and sweats with faded lettering down the pant leg—nothing too fancy. It wasn’t until the start of this year that I started to feel a bit schlubby in my makeshift pajamas. Perhaps it was because I kept seeing influencers with cute matching sets in their GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos, or maybe I just wanted to be an adult who slept in actual pajamas as real grown-ups do, but I set out with a humble goal of growing my collection of cute pajama sets to see if I could change my ways.

Naturally, it was perfect timing when the bedding and loungewear brand Cozy Earth asked if I’d like to try their bamboo pajamas, which were notably featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List in 2019. Hey, if Oprah loves them, the least I could do is try them out myself. Spoiler alert: These pajamas are a major upgrade from my old t-shirts and sweats. Available in any combination of short-sleeved and long-sleeve tops and bottoms, Cozy Earth’s pajamas are ultra soft, temperature-regulating, and are a dream to wash and dry. I have the long-sleeved set, and in addition to them being the softest pair of pajamas I’ve ever owned (like butter, baby!), I don’t get too warm at night when I have them on. I was unsure about wearing pants and long sleeves to bed before East Coast winter temps roll around, but they remarkably don’t make me feel overheated.

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