Republican head of the House’s foreign policy committee said the current GOP caucus is ‘one of the biggest threats’ around – DIGIWIZ CENTRAL

Republican head of the House’s foreign policy committee said the current GOP caucus is ‘one of the biggest threats’ around

Rep. Mike McCaul leaves a House Republican caucus meeting where the conference met to vote on a Speaker of the House nominee in the Longworth House Office Building on October 11, 2023 in Washington, DC.

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Rep. Mike McCaul said the House GOP caucus is ‘one of the biggest threats’ around.
McCaul currently leads the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
He said the Republican Party’s inability to elect a new speaker helps America’s adversaries.

While the US is in the middle of funding wars in Ukraine and Israel, the Republican head of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs said that the GOP caucus itself is ‘one of the biggest threats’ around.

“The world’s on fire,” Rep. Mike McCaul, a Texas Republican who leads the Foreign Affairs Committee and who formerly chaired the Committee on Homeland Security, said at a press conference Thursday evening. “Our adversaries are watching what we do… quite frankly, they like it.”

McCaul said he told the GOP caucus that the party’s failure to speedily appoint a new speaker amidst global turmoil validates Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s claims that “Democracy doesn’t work.”

He added that he had recently spoken to a contact in Israel, who said the country would need supplemental funding and “aid to replenish the Iron Dome,” but that no help can happen until a new speaker is seated.

“So I see a lot of threats out there,” McCaul said, “but one of the biggest threats I see is in that room because we can’t unify as a conference and put a speaker in the chair to govern… So it’s very dangerous what we’re doing, and I just wanted them to know that we’re playing with fire.” 

The last speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, was ousted by a group of eight Republican members and the entirety of the Democratic Caucus earlier this month following GOP firebrand Rep. Matt Gaetz filing the single “motion to vacate” needed to initiate the formal process. 

Days later, Hamas launched an attack on Israeli civilians, plunging the region into increasingly chaotic and gruesome warfare that’s killed thousands. Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry does not currently have the authority to bring legislation to a vote in the House, leaving the chamber powerless until a full-fledged speaker is elected.

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