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Jimmy Kimmel Sounds Off on Trump for Attacking Israel


If four years of Donald Trump as U.S. president taught the global population anything, it’s that the former reality star loves to spout a contrarian opinion. This flair for the antithetical was on full display on Wednesday night, according to Jimmy Kimmel, when Trump “addressed the horrific terrorist attack on Israel by attacking Israel.”

On Wednesday night, while appearing at a rally in West Palm Beach, Trump gave what Kimmel described as “a doozy of a speech” in which he unloaded a litany of anti-Israel opinions to a crowd of his ride-or-die supporters. Among the many abominable comments he dropped, according to Kimmel: “Hamas would never have gone into Israel if his election hadn’t been rigged; he called Israel’s defense minister a jerk; he did some ax-grinding about Netanyahu; and had some complimentary words about Israel’s enemies in Lebanon.”

“He’s really angling for that Nobel Piece of Shit Prize,” Kimmel observed.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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