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Kim Kardashian Promises to ‘Break Your Dick Off’ in ‘American Horror Story’

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

After three weeks of American Horror Story: Delicate—which has ranged from middling to poor, depending on which terribly lit episode you might’ve been unlucky enough to tune into—we’ve finally gotten a taste of what we came for: Kim Kardashian doing very weird shit. Frankly, it took long enough for a series known for prioritizing shocking imagery over lasting, bone-chilling terror.

Last week’s episode was tough for Kardashian’s character, PR agent extraordinaire Siobhan Corbyn. Not only is her star client Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts) slowly losing her marbles, but she barely even reacted to the news that Siobhan landed her a Vogue cover. How rude! Those don’t come easily, and Kim should know, given that it took her over a decade as one of the most famous women in the world to land her own solo spread. But Anna’s ambivalence over a fashion magazine is the least of Siobhan’s worries now that her client is reluctant to do much of anything that Siobhan requires of her, which is being demanded for reasons unknown.

And though that reasoning is likely to remain murky until Part 1 of AHS: Delicate concludes next week, the plot is finally ramping up. Blessedly for us, Kardashian is right where she should be: at the center of it all.

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