‘Real Housewives of New York’ Recap: Why Are Sai and Erin Still Tormenting Jessel?

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Bravo

Let me tell you something that I’m reminded of every time a paying member of X—formerly Twitter, when society had one last shred of dignity—comes into my mentions to yell at me about something totally innocuous: Folks love to hate on pretty, witty, successful people. You might think I’m tooting my own horn (toot, toot baby!), but this was only further proven on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York. Sai and Erin have turned on Jessel, saying that she talks in circles and lies relentlessly, making it impossible to connect with her. And now that one-third of the cast is against her, they’re doubling down by questioning the strength of her marriage to her husband, Pavit.

I’m well aware that this is all par for the course, as far as Real Housewives is concerned. But in this case, it feels particularly unfounded and mean-spirited. Erin and Sai’s reasoning is murky at best (though I have some thoughts of my own to share with you momentarily), and the only dirt that they’ve managed to dredge up is some smeared eyeliner on Jessel’s face when she cries retelling the story of their interrogation at one of RHONY’s most infuriating dinners in a minute. Episode 13 left a sour taste in my mouth, one so acrid that not even Jenna shopping for $700 sunglasses could erase it completely.

Our weekly opening montage gives us a peek at Brynn’s well-decorated apartment, which looks like a cozy-yet-spacious walk-up somewhere in the West Village, to this New Yorker’s eye. We also check in with Ubah, striking a few poses at a photo shoot while musing about her lack of Valentine’s Day dates. Love should be in the air, but the only thing that’s afoot in these streets is animosity. We’re treated to a heaping helping of hostility, as Erin and Sai hop on FaceTime to talk about Sai’s botched lunch with Jessel in last week’s episode.

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