Russian party official killed in Ukrainian car bomb attack in occupied Kherson

A car lies wrecked by a missile fragment explosion in Darnytskyi district of the city on September 21, 2023 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Russia launched more than 20 missiles on the capital of Ukraine, which Ukrainian Air Defense Forces say were shot down.

Vitalii Nosach/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

A Russian party official was killed Saturday in a Ukrainian car bomb attack in occupied Kherson.
Vladimir Malov, executive secretary of the ruling United Russia party, died in the attack.
The acting governor of occupied Kherson, Vladimir Saldo, called the incident a “terrorist attack.”

An official with Putin’s ruling United Russia party was killed Saturday in a car bombing orchestrated by Ukrainians, according to Russian politicians.

Vladimir Malov, executive secretary of the pro-Putin political party, died in the bombing, Reuters reported Vladimir Saldo, the acting governor of the Russia-occupied Kherson Oblast, said in a Telegram post declaring the incident a “terrorist attack.”

It is unclear if Malov was specifically targeted in the incident.

Representatives for Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, and the Government of the Russian Federation did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider.

The car bombing appears to have been orchestrated by Ukraine, though Kyiv officials have not confirmed any details of the attack, which comes just days after a Russian missile strike blew apart a Ukrainian grocery store and cafe in one of the deadliest attacks so far this year. 

Russian troops have also been accused of using car bombings to target rebel-held regions of Eastern Ukraine, as well as turning tanks into car bombs to use in kamikaze attacks against Ukrainian troops on the battlefield.

As the war churns into its 20th month, Russia has sustained heavy casualties among its military officers and top commanders, including recently in attacks on the Black Sea fleet headquarters.

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