A video shows the Israeli Navy blasting Hamas motorboats as they raced toward the coast, killing dozens, says the IDF

A video shows Hamas motorboats being bombarded by the Israeli military as fighters tried to infiltrate.

Israel Defense Forces/Telegram

Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday by land, sea, and air.
Israel released a video showing its sailors striking Hamas fighters as they approached on motorboats.
“The soldiers opened fire toward the terrorists and thwarted dozens of them,” said the IDF.

Israel’s Navy blasted Hamas fighters who tried to infiltrate on motorboats during the militant group’s unprecedented multi-front assault on Saturday, a video shows.

Israel’s military said it killed dozens of Hamas militants after opening fire on them as they approached Zikim beach on the border, per The Times of Israel.

The video, which appears to be filmed through the sight of a weapon, shows three boats and a tractor being blasted by sailors of the 916th Patrol Squadron.

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The shots fired cause small explosions on the surface of the water.

“Forces conducted a naval pursuit and targeted dozens of terrorists after they attempted to infiltrate into Israeli territory,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement on Telegram.

“The soldiers opened fire toward the terrorists and thwarted dozens of them.”

Israel declared a “state of war” on Saturday after Hamas bombarded Israel with rockets from Gaza and fighters conducted a multi-pronged surprise attack from land, sea, and air. 

Gunmen were still said to be fighting Israeli security forces in parts of Israel on Sunday afternoon.

The IDF said on Sunday that at least 350 Israelis had been killed, per CNN, with reports suggesting over a thousand have been injured.

In response, Israel began bombarding the Gaza Strip, killing more than 300 Palestinians, per Reuters.

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