Kim Kardashian’s Acting Is Officially the Best Part of ‘American Horror Story’

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/FX

A Kardashian hasn’t given us this much glamor in the Hamptons since Kourtney and Khloé “took” the beaches of Long Island in the 2014 season of their eponymous spinoff show. (Some say if you wander the shores after dark, you can still hear Kourt’s vocal fry echoing in the wind.) In the third episode of American Horror Story: Delicate, Kim Kardashian’s character Siobhan Corbyn joins her friend and client Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts) in the Hamptons, trying to calm the troubled, burgeoning ingenue after her miscarriage at the end of last week’s installment.

Now that Season 12 of AHS is three episodes in, it’s not hard to peg Kardashian as the single best part of Delicate—though the appearance of Ryan Murphy alum Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as the manager of the Hamptons estate is a welcome touch. Most of the cast members, Roberts included, are doing some of the most lackluster work of their careers thus far. And then there’s Kardashian, shining like a bright star every time she glides into a frame, ready to spout some twisted wisdom in a way so surprising that it’s no shock she went viral on social media several times over in last week for her delicious line deliveries.

This week in Siobhan’s World (which we’re all just living in): Anna’s on the mend, which means that she not only needs guidance, but nutrition. After half the episode is spent following Anna as she wanders the woods and skulks around her rented mansion, she finally calls Siobhan when she comes close to losing it entirely. Because Siobhan has to keep her client in fighting shape, she hops on the Jitney and arrives at Anna’s place in a flash, fresh produce in hand.

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