Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Floats Civil War Because ‘Elections Don’t Work’

Fox News

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, supposedly the right-wing network’s resident comedian, dove into extremely dark and violent territory on Thursday, seemingly urging for a new American civil war because “elections don’t work” and the nation is in “peril and chaos.”

Gutfeld, whose rhetoric has grown angrier and more extreme in recent years, declared during Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News’ The Five that American democracy was no longer feasible. Instead, because crime has supposedly spun out of control—despite homicide rates falling this year and crime just a fraction of what it was 30 years ago—he suggested a radically violent solution.

During a segment discussing the recent looting spree in Philadelphia, which resulted in dozens of people being criminally charged, Gutfeld took issue with some looters being let go with a slap on the wrist, calling it a “criminal mulligan.” In his opinion, this was analogous to the Jan. 6 insurrection, but the Capitol rioters were given harsher criminal sentences due to their race and political affiliation.

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