Judge Slaps Trump With Gag Order After He Spreads Lie About Court Clerk on Truth Social

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Donald Trump was ordered to shut up and stop launching personal attacks against a judge’s court staff on Tuesday afternoon, a rude interruption of his bank fraud trial’s second day in New York.

At 3 p.m., after an unexpectedly long lunch break, Justice Arthur F. Engoron revealed that he had previously warned the former president’s lawyer to not engage in the aggressive and libelous attacks against the justice system he’s done across the country—only to discover today that Trump had crossed the line by aiming his hatred at the judge’s law clerk.

Sometime Tuesday morning, Trump took to his Truth Social media network to share a MAGA-aligned Twitter user’s post asking, “Why is Judge Engoron’s Principal Law Clerk, Allison R. Greenfield, palling around with Chuck Schumer?” Trump also linked to her personal Instagram page, drawing the attention of his huge fan base against her.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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