Tom Hanks warns fans that an AI version of himself in a dental ad was created without his consent

Tom Hanks.

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Tom Hanks says an advert making its way around social media was created without his permission.Hanks warned fans his likeness had been recreated by AI.The ad reportedly includes an AI-generated version of Hanks selling dental insurance.

Tom Hanks is warning fans about an AI version of himself used in an advert for a dental plan.

Taking to his Instagram page, he posted an image that appeared to show a computer-generated version of himself, with the message: “BEWARE!! There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it.”

Hanks has spoken out about the use of AI in film and TV before.

In April, he told UK comedian Adam Buxton that the industry has been bracing itself for the rise of AI for some time.

“We saw that there was going to be this ability to take zeros and ones inside a computer and turn it into a face and a character. Now that has only grown a billionfold since then, and we see it everywhere,” he told Buxton.

Insider reached out to Hanks’ representatives for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

The use of AI, especially when used to recreate an actor’s likeness, has been a central issue in the SAG-AFTRA actors strike. Actors are trying to agree on limits on how studios can use the new technology in their new contracts. Striking actors have accused studios of asking for full discretion over any digital replacements of background actors.

Hollywood writers have also taken issue with the technology. The long-running writers’ strike was declared over after nearly five months last week when the Writers Guild of America approved a new contract.

The agreement included certain protections around the use of AI, including that content created with the technology couldn’t be considered source material, something meant to protect writers from having their credit undermined by AI. Writers also can’t be required to use AI software.

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