DeSantis’ Billionaire Donors Either Really Suck at Due Diligence or They’re Just Lying

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/Reuters

If you believe it, here’s some rich irony: at least two multi-billionaires who made their bread in the world of careful bets have all but admitted they failed to do an ounce of research before dropping large sums on Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

They probably wouldn’t agree with that characterization. But the only alternative explanation is what they might be trying to hide: that they’re distancing themselves so they don’t drown alongside the sinking ship that is DeSantis’ presidential campaign.

The ultrawealthy in question—hedge fund magnate Ken Griffin and online brokerage founder Thomas Peterffy—have recently sworn off playing sugar daddy for DeSantis. Peterffy said in April that he doesn’t like the Florida governor’s abortion restrictions. Griffin is no longer keen on some of his governing tactics.

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