Amazon sellers are raiding dollar stores for products like glow sticks and Twinkies to resell online

Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores have become a favorite place for Amazon sellers to find products to resell on the website.

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Amazon resellers are looking to dollar stores for items they can flip for profit.Some are picking up penny items at overstocked Dollar General stores.It’s another version of retail arbitrage, or selling products for a markup online after finding them at stores.

Dollar stores have become a favorite destination for some Amazon resellers looking for products to flip.

The shoppers are among those who make money by buying products, then selling them on Amazon as third-party sellers — a process known as retail arbitrage. Products that are worth flipping from Dollar Stores range from glow sticks to Twinkies, according to videos posted on TikTok.

User yassinhall, for example, posted a video in July saying that she has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of glow sticks in a single month. She said her source for the glow sticks was a Dollar Tree store.

@yassinhall I found an item in Dollar Tree that makes $319,000 in revenue a month selling in Amazon 😳😳 Men & women lie, but numbers do not❗️ When I saw this, I ran straight to Dollar Tree 🤣🤣🤣 Comment “WANT IN” or click link in bio to sign up now❗️ Let me teach you how❗️#fyp #foryou #amazonseller #DollarTree #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #amazonfavorites ♬ original sound – THE BOSS CLASS

“You’re probably now evaluating your whole life,” the user says in the video.

Dollar Tree and Dollar General did not immediately respond to a request from Insider for comment on the videos in this article.

Another seller, who uses the name beezyesco574 on TikTok, posted a video in October showing two-packs of power strips for sale at a Dollar Tree store for $1.25 each. The same power strips were selling on Amazon at the time for $9.99 each, according to the video.

@beezyesco574 You Can Start Selling On Amazon With Very Little Money Even Dollar Tree Has Profits Inside Just Waiting For You🗣✅ click the link in bio #amazon #fba #amazonfba #passiveincome #flip #dollartree #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Chichiquetere – HCTM

The video shows the user unpacking the power strips then apparently preparing to ship them to a warehouse to be sold through Fulfillment by Amazon, a service that allows sellers to sell products while letting Amazon ship them to customers.

Other shoppers take advantage of Dollar General items that sell for $0.01 each.

Many of Dollar General’s stores are so overwhelmed with inventory that they are unable to remove items that have been written-off, leaving them to be scooped up by eagle-eyed customers.

According to a video posted in June, user forbiddenfruitreselling picked up several boxes of Orange Creme Pop-flavored Twinkies at a Dollar General store for $0.01 per box.

@forbiddenfruitreselling Twinkies 💰 #fyp #foryou #dollargeneral #dollargeneralpennyshopping #pennyshoppingatdollargeneral #clearance #reseller #amazon #amazonfba #twinkie #clearancefinds ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

The boxes sold on Amazon for $16.99 each at the time, according to the video.

Retail arbitrage has become a side hustle for some. Others have made a full-time job out of scouring the shelves, especially clearance sections, of stores ranging from Walmart to Kohl’s.

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