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Russia gave Kim Jong Un a bunch of attack drones as a present, violating a UN resolution that even Russian diplomats voted for

Russian President Vladimir Putin greets North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un before a meeting April 25, 2019 in Vladivostok, Russia.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was gifted a bunch of explosive drones during his trip to Russia.
The drone presents violate UN Security Council resolutions that Moscow voted for, Reuters reported.
During Kim’s visit to Russia, he also received a fur hat, rifle, bulletproof vest and space glove.

Russia gave North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a bunch of explosive drones as he marked the end of an official six-day trip to the country

The gift of five one-way attack drones and a Geranium-25 reconnaissance drone — which Russian state news agency TASS reported has been heavily utilized in the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine — violates at least two United Nations Security Council resolutions that even Moscow voted for, Reuters reported

The UN resolutions against North Korea were imposed over the country’s barred nuclear and ballistic missile programs, according to Reuters. 

During the visit, Kim was also given a bulletproof vest “with protection zones for the chest, shoulders, throat and groin,” as well as a fur hat, Russian-made rifle, and glove from a Russian astronaut’s suit that has been to space, according to TASS and Reuters. 

TASS reported that the North Korean leader was even gifted a “set of special clothing that is invisible to thermal imagers.”

Kim’s trip to Russia unfolded amid reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking weapons supplies from North Korea to fuel Moscow’s war with Ukraine.

The North Korean leader, who traveled to Russia in his armor-plated luxury train, concluded his visit on Sunday when he headed back to Pyongyang by train, Russian state media reported. 

When Kim met with Putin last week, the North Korean leader pledged his support to Russia. 

“Now Russia has risen to the sacred fight to protect its sovereignty and security against the hegemonic forces that oppose Russia,” Kim said, adding, “We will always support the decisions of President Putin and the Russian leadership,” according to Reuters.

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