Rolling Stone Throws Its Founder Jann Wenner Under the Bus

Larry Busacca

Days after Rolling Stone’s co-founder Jann Wenner was removed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation’s board following backlash over his disparaging remarks about Black and women songwriters, the famed magazine threw Wenner firmly under the bus.

“Jann Wenner’s recent statement to the New York Times do not represent the value and practices of today’s Rolling Stone,” the publication wrote in a statement issued Monday. “Jann Wenner has not been directly involved in our operations since 2019.”

After noting that Wenner hadn’t had an active role in the magazine for years, Rolling Stone added that its purpose since the former owner’s departure “has been to tell stories that reflect the diversity of voices and experiences that shape our world.” The statement concluded by stating that “the understanding that music above all can bring us together, not divide us” is at the magazine’s core.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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