Despite Vaccine Scaremongering Most Americans Want New COVID-19 Jab

Chicago Tribune

The majority of Americans say they want to get the new COVID vaccine, despite a resurgence of fear-mongering over the safety of the jab, according to two new polls released Friday.

At least 57 percent of registered US voters are planning to get the newly authorized shot sometime this year, according to a poll from Politico and Morning Consult, with 37 percent saying they “definitely” plan to receive it. A second poll from Reuters/Ipsos found similar results, with 53 percent of those surveyed expressing interest in receiving the new vaccine.

However, both polls found sharp ideological divides among those surveyed, with interest in the vaccine broadly split along party lines. Of the 53 percent of people interested in receiving the new vaccine, 77 percent identified as Democrats, the Reuters/Ipsos poll found, while only 34 percent were Republicans.

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