‘Booze & Women & Lasers’: Sam Bankman-Fried Picks Up His Pen

Mike Segar/Reuters

On Thursday, The New York Times published cringy, private ramblings written by Sam Bankman-Fried, in which he attempted to justify his actions, reflected on his public image, and reminisced on the good times he had, including a night with crypto contemporaries in 2019 centering on “booze and women and lasers and loud, booming music.”

The surprising twist: Bankman-Fried had leaked the documents himself.

The former billionaire gave a copy of the screed earlier this year to a crypto investor and influencer named Tiffany Fong; she passed them on to the Times. Originally, he had contemplated posting the 15,000-word document to Twitter, but apparently he thought better of it. The document had the working title, “a draft of a draft of a draft of an idea.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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