The world’s busiest airport just got new private luxury terminal for commercial flights with its own TSA screening — just be prepared to pay over $1,000 to use it

The new PS terminal brings the flair of private jet-setting to commercial flights. Just be prepared to pay over $1,000 for it.

Galina Juliana

PS has opened its second location at the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
The company offers private terminals with lounges and suites for wealthy travelers flying commercial. 
PS will launch at DFW and MIA over the next two years.

Travelers at the world’s busiest airport can now relax in a more luxurious terminal — so long as they have over $1,000 to spend.

PS gives travelers flying commercial a taste of private jet-setting: an exclusive terminal. Instead of spending hours in the security line and fighting for a seat by the gate, travelers with PS have access to private TSA screening with no lines and luxurious lounges with spa amenities.

If this glitzy way of traveling seems very “Los Angeles,” that’s because it was. From 2017 until now, PS was only available at Los Angeles International Airport. But in September, the company launched its second location at the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

There’s no need to waste your time in the primary airport’s TSA and lounge lines.


Instead, the company has its own TSA screening section and “Salons” or “Private Suites” in lieu of the typical branded airport lounge

The Salon is a communal space akin to the traditional lounge.

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Here, travelers have access to drinks, meals, and showers (upon request) while waiting in the modern lounge adorned with local art and vintage furniture.

Meanwhile, the private suites are an upgrade for people who want their own space.

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These more luxurious lounges have all the same amenities as the Salon with the addition of spa services, a daybed, a pantry, and entertainment. 

No need to scramble for a spot in the boarding line.

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When it’s time to board their flights, travelers will be driven to their gates and can board from the tarmac, eliminating any wait time. Travelers in the Private Suites will get their own chauffeurs. 

People arriving in the Atlanta airport can also get in on this slice of luxury.

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PS offers pickup from the tarmac and provides international travelers with private customs.

But exclusivity isn’t cheap.

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The “all access membership” is a $4,850 annual fee with an additional $750 per person for the Salon and $3,550 for a Private Suite for up to four travelers.

For a cheaper rate, the “salon membership” is $1,250 annually on top of $850 per person for the Salon and $4,850 for the suites.

But you don’t have to be a PS member to use the facility.

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Non-members can pay $1,095 per person for access to the salon and the same $4,850 for the more exclusive lounge.

It may sound like something only A-list celebrities can afford and have access to.

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But according to Amina Porter, the company’s CEO, celebrities only make up a small portion of its customers. Instead, it attracts corporate travelers, families, and “celebratory travelers,” Porter told Insider in an emailed statement. 

It took seven years for a second PS location to open up. Moving forward, this won’t be the case.

Galina Juliana

In 2024, a PS will open another terminal at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The following year, Miami International Airport will also welcome a new PS.

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