‘The Morning Show’ Premiere Recap: These Stars Are Blasting Off to Space Now

Erin Simkin/Apple TV+

While The Morning Show Season 2 ended as chaos began (does March 2020 sound significant to anyone?), Season 3 has picked up on a glorious note of satisfaction. Everyone seems, dare I say it, happy at UBA. The pandemic has come and gone (although, is it ever really gone), assignments around the newsroom have shifted, new anchors have been hired, and everyone is… well, content. But something is bound to go wrong.

(Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 of The Morning Show Season 3.)

Because the last season of The Morning Show was released two years ago, a refresher: Season 2 ended as the pandemic began. Alex (Jennifer Aniston), after having visited (the since-deceased) Mitch (Steve Carell) in Italy, tested positive for coronavirus. Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) was on the hunt for her missing brother, joined by UBA prez Cory (Billy Crudup), who only agreed to help because he was in love with the anchor. Now, TMS picks up two years later in 2022, where COVID has become an afterthought. We didn’t want to see all these dazzling stars in masks, did we?

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