Lisa Barlow’s Toilet Ring Meltdown Belongs in Bravo’s Hall of Fame


Seeing rich people constantly teetering on the edge of losing it all is precisely why we come to Real Housewives. But normally, the women on these shows are worried about losing critically important things: their parental rights, their sobriety, their iconic New York townhouse that had been a safe haven for countless interns and wayward cast members. On Tuesday’s episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4, the stakes were a bit lower—you just wouldn’t know that from how melodramatically Lisa Barlow reacted when one of her diamond rings slipped off in an airport bathroom.

The Salt Lake City Housewives have barely deboarded their plane at the start of a cast trip to Palm Springs before Lisa begins to rant and rave about her missing piece of jewelry. (Many gay men have faced this same plight within the city limits of Palm Springs, just with a different kind of ring.) Luckily, fellow castmate Heather Gay—related to the aforementioned Palm Springs Gays only by spirit, not by blood—captures kernels of Lisa’s meltdown while hiding out in a toilet stall. What follows is a reminder for us little people to keep valuing the smaller things in life, lest we let our egos become so big that we end up rummaging through waste bins like Lisa in this magnificent Housewives fiasco.

“Does anybody see my ring on the floor?” Lisa asks, not only to her castmates but seemingly to every other person in the women’s restroom at the Palm Springs airport. The episode’s editors are then kind enough to supply us with two gifts: a timestamp that reads “10:30 am” and an exterior shot of the bathroom, which has a line of people so long that it stretches past the door. “I am hiding out in the bathroom because Lisa’s gone completely unhinged,” Heather says in her home video. “She came out with her pants half down, screaming about having lost one of her rings.” Meanwhile, Lisa can be heard in the background of the video, pleading with RHOSLC Housewife Monica Garcia to let her know if Monica spots it.

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