The Best Luggage for All Kinds of Trips and All Types of Travelers—Including Kids

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Your luggage is the first and last thing you will touch when you travel. That week-long vacation, weekend getaway, or overnight work trip starts when you grab your bags before packing and ends when you finally tuck the suitcases back in the closet or under the bed. Between those two times, your luggage lets you bring along everything you want and need while away from home (except for the deodorant you forgot—it’s probably sitting on the sink).

What you bring along on your trip depends on where you’re going, what you’ll be doing there, and how what kind of packer you are—and that will shape the type of luggage you travel with. Are you a pack light and wear the same shoes for all occasions sort of traveler? Or will you change your shoes three times before lunch? Do you pre-plan every outfit or do you bring enough clothing along for a hotel room fashion show before each outing? Will you have a Kindle along for recreation or are you packing three hardcover books, a puzzle, a Bluetooth speaker, board games, and a DSLR camera?

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