American Express will open a Centurion Lounge at Newark Airport, with live music and views of Manhattan

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There are already Centurion Lounges at JFK (pictured) and LaGuardia, so the addition of Newark means there will be locations at all three main NYC-area airports.

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American Express just announced plans to open its fourteenth Centurion Lounge location in the US, at Newark Airport.
The lounge will open in 2026, and will feature a jazz bar with live music and a terrace with views of Manhattan.
To visit any Centurion Lounge locations, you need an eligible card like the The Platinum Card® from American Express – Product Name Only,

Having access to an airport lounge can make the chaos of air travel a bit more manageable, with complimentary food, drinks, and more space to stretch out than you’d get by camping out gate-side. That’s why you’ll find airport lounge access as a credit card perk on many of the best travel credit cards and premium credit cards.

Major airlines have their own networks of airport lounges, as do newer players such as Capital One, but American Express was one of the first to the game with its network of Centurion Lounges, with the first location at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport opening its doors in 2013.

Currently there are 13 Centurion Lounge locations throughout the US (more than 40 worldwide), and another one will join the fold in 2026 at a new location: Newark Liberty International Airport.

Details on the upcoming Centurion Lounge at Newark Airport

With the upcoming Newark location, American Express will have Centurion Lounges at the three main airports in the New York area; locations at JFK and LaGuardia are already open.

While the Centurion Lounge at Newark Airport won’t open until 2026, American Express has shared some initial details on what to expect.

As with other Centurion Lounges around the US, the Newark lounge will draw inspiration from its locale when it comes to food, drink, and other amenities. For one thing, it will feature a jazz bar and piano lounge inspired by New Jersey’s 20th-century jazz era, complete with live music. Amex says the lounge will also have an “archival collection” featuring artifacts and antiques that celebrate New Jersey’s history.

Finally, the Newark Centurion Lounge will also feature a 1,400-square-foot indoor terrace with views of the airport and Manhattan. This will appeal to both AV geeks who want to do some plane-spotting before takeoff and anyone who appreciates a good view of the New York skyline.

Since 2026 is a bit of a ways off, Amex will likely have more info to share before the Newark Centurion Lounge’s doors open. In the meantime, the card issuer has shared this rendering of the space, featuring lots of seating and windows overlooking the runway.

A rendering of the Newark Centurion lounge, planned to open in 2026.

American Express

How to access the Newark Centurion lounge

You can access the upcoming Newark Centurion Lounge (and any other Centurion Lounge that’s already open) if you have the The Platinum Card® from American Express – Product Name Only, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express – Product Name Only, or the invite-only Centurion Card.

You can bring in two guests for free. For any guests beyond that you’ll need to buy a day pass, which costs $30 for guests age 2-17 and $50 for guests age 18 and above. (Guests below age 2 are free with proof of age.)

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