‘Close to You’: Elliot Page Stuns in Incredibly Personal Film About Transitioning

Courtesy of TIFF

TORONTO, Canada—Sam (Elliot Page) is coming back home for the first time in years. He’s nervous—he’s built up a new life in Toronto, but a return to Cobourg, a small town a couple hours from the big city, is a daunting prospect. Sam is not the person he once was: He’s transitioned, finally living the life he’s longed for.

On the train to his family’s home, he has a chance encounter with Katherine (Hillary Baack). Their meeting is intense and loaded with history. In high school, the two were inseparable, but Katherine hasn’t seen Sam since his transition, and probably a lot longer than that. The two fell out of touch, but they’re both overcome with emotion, barely able to speak to each other at first.

Their lives are very different now, as Katherine reveals to Sam that she’s married with two kids, and moved back to the town they grew up to settle into family life. Sam is single and happy that way, sharing a rented house with his friend in the city—but seeing Katherine again has woken feelings that have laid dormant for years.

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