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Razer Kaira Pro review: A gaming headset tailored for Xbox, but not other systems

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The Razer Kaira Pro works seamlessly with Xbox systems.

Best Buy

The Razer Kaira Pro is one of the best gaming headsets you can buy for an Xbox. It delivers solid audio performance, can wirelessly connect to Xbox consoles without a USB dongle, and even offers simultaneous Bluetooth support for other devices. And it does this all for a great price. While the Kaira Pro carries a full retail price of $150, it’s often on sale for as low as $85, which makes it a great value.

The Kaira Pro also earns design points thanks to Razer’s trademark style, with three color choices and customizable lighting. Its only big drawback comes down to compatibility with other systems, as the headset lacks support for wired connections and PlayStation 5. And though it can work with PCs, it ultimately feels geared toward Xbox consoles and not computers.

But despite its flaws, the Razer Kaira Pro is our favorite option for gamers who just want a reliable wireless headset for use with an Xbox Series X/S.

What works

Direct connection to Xbox consoles without a USB-dongleSimultaneous Bluetooth support so you can listen to music or make calls while you gameSlick design with customizable lighting and multiple color choice


What needs work

No support for wired connections or PS515-hour battery life with lighting is worse than competing headsetsCan’t be turned on for Bluetooth mode without waking your Xbox

The Razer Kaira Pro is light, stylish, and pairs great with Xbox consoles

The ear cup logos can cycle through different colors.

Kevin Webb / Insider

The Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox comes in three colors: black, white, or a Halo Infinite-inspired green. The black model has green accents that match Xbox’s branding, while the white version has black accents for a monochrome look that matches the Xbox Series S.

The headset also utilizes Razer’s signature RGB lighting; the logos on the ear cups can be set to cycle between a wide spectrum of colors or set to a single favorite. The colors and brightness can be adjusted in an app for Windows or Xbox. Though the lights can have a significant impact on battery life, they add a nice bit of flair.

When it comes to build quality, the Kaira Pro is mostly made of lightweight plastic, with a metal headband for a secure fit. The ear cushions use a light memory foam that feels breathable during long play sessions. The microphone is flexible and can be removed when you’re gaming without voice chat. Though not the most durable design we’ve seen, the headset feels like it will last as long as you’re using your console. It doesn’t perform as well outdoors, but the Bluetooth mode already feels like a secondary feature.

On-board controls are in line with other headsets, including the power button, a mute switch, a volume dial, a dial to balance chat and game sound, and separate buttons to sync with Bluetooth or Xbox Wireless devices.

The headset connects to Xbox without a USB dongle, but it’s less convenient for other devices

Bluetooth support lets you connect the headset to mobile devices, but there are some drawbacks.


The most unique benefit of the Razer Kaira Pro is its ability to connect to Xbox Wireless devices. Specifically, it can pair directly with Xbox consoles without a dongle. Connecting to an Xbox console is as easy as pressing the sync button on the headset while holding the console’s sync button. It can also pair with PCs through the use of an Xbox Wireless adapter (sold separately). The adapter has an easy to use sync button that you can press after you plug it into your computer’s USB port.

On the downside, the Kaira Pro doesn’t support PS5 or any form of wired connection, but it does support Bluetooth if you want to connect to other devices like a phone or laptop. Kaira Pro will even let you listen to both your Xbox console and a Bluetooth device at the same time. 

However, if you just want to use Kaira Pro with a Bluetooth device, powering the headset on will also turn on your Xbox console. Unfortunately, this means that even if you’re putting on the headset to walk the dog outside, turning on Bluetooth will also turn on your Xbox. And likewise, if the console shuts down with the headset in range, it will deactivate both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless.

As a result, the Kaira Pro feels like it’s made for use exclusively with Xbox, as it lacks the versatility for proper multi-tasking with mobile devices.

Sound quality is defined by extra bass with custom EQ options

The headset delivers engaging audio when gaming.


When it comes to audio, the Kaira Pro delivers standard performance, with a bit heavier bass compared to other headsets. The microphone appears to be a bit more sensitive than other models we tested, picking up a bit of extra background noise, but not enough to be disruptive while chatting. While the Kaira Pro doesn’t offer active noise-cancellation, the headset’s build does a quality job isolating audio and preventing game sound from leaking.

The Kaira Pro is fully compatible with Xbox and Windows 3D audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS Sound, and Windows Sonic. However, unlike Microsoft’s official Xbox Wireless Headset, the Kaira Pro doesn’t come with a Dolby Atmos license, so you’ll have to purchase access to DTS or Atmos, or use Windows Sonic for free 3D audio. 

The headset does a good job of separating game audio, which can be especially helpful in competitive first-person shooters like Halo Infinite, so you can tell which direction enemy shots and footsteps are coming from. Roaring engines in racing games like Forza Horizon 5 also give a satisfying rumble with the Kaira Pro’s extra bass.

Razer offers an app on Xbox and PC that allows users to activate microphone monitoring so you can hear what the mic sounds like while you’re talking and avoid unwanted feedback. The same Razer Audio app lets you adjust your EQ and customize the headset’s lighting. The EQ is fully adjustable but you can also choose presets for first-person shooting games and bass boost. Your lighting and EQ settings are saved to specific profiles that can be swapped from the app menu.

Razer Kaira Pro: Specifications

Razer Kaira Pro headset for Xbox



Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0


TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers


15 hours with lighting, 20 hours without


Removable supercardioid Mic

Charging port

USB-C charging


White, Black, Green


Xbox, PC, Bluetooth devices

Should you buy it?

For the money, the Kaira Pro is one of the best headsets you can buy for an Xbox.

Best Buy

The Razer Kaira Pro is a great headset for Xbox consoles, but the lack of a USB dongle or wired connection option makes it hard to recommend for PC gaming or multitasking. The option to connect to Xbox consoles without a dongle is definitely convenient, but not being able to activate Bluetooth without powering on your console makes it feel like the Kaira Pro is designed for use with Xbox and not much else.

Still, with Kaira Pro frequently available for as low as $85, there are few Xbox-compatible wireless headsets that offer the same level of sound quality and such a slick design for the money. Even after testing more expensive models, I’ve found myself returning to the Kaira Pro for Xbox thanks to its easy connection and light-weight feel.

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