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Nothing Can Prepare You for Megan Mullally in ‘Dicks: The Musical’


There’s a special feeling when you watch a movie, suspended in disbelief and overwhelmed by a single thought: How on Earth did this get made? That’s not an insult, mind you—I’m speaking of the kind of movie that’s so incredibly out there, so bold and outrageous, that you can’t imagine someone actually getting the money to make it. The newest member of that distinctive club is A24’s first foray into musicals, appropriately titled Dicks: The Musical. Based on the play Fucking Identical Twins by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp (who co-star), A24’s latest is poised to be one of the funniest, silliest, most inappropriate, and most ridiculous movies of 2023.

The film follows Trevor (Jackson) and Craig (Sharp), two identical twins separated at birth, who have no idea the other exists. Trevor and Craig wind up working at the same job, and it’s there that they make the miraculous discovery that they are related. They want to know everything about each other, especially who their parents are; they each live with one parent, and have never met the other. This gives them the perfect opportunity to riff on The Parent Trap, swapping each other’s identities to try convincing their divorced parents to get back together.

The film boasts a great cast alongside Jackson and Sharp, including Bowen Yang as God, Nathan Lane as Harris, the boys’ father, and even Megan Thee Stallion in her film debut, delivering one of the year’s greatest bops. Everyone is memorable in Dicks, but nobody comes close to the gonzo, out-there brilliance of the one and only Megan Mullally.

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