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The Four Lessons ‘One Piece’ Can Teach All Live-Action Anime

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Netflix

As film and TV studios continue to hunt for the next big intellectual property, their search has put a heightened focus on live-action anime and manga adaptations. But anime, much like video games, has mostly been doomed with poorly made live-action adaptations. It’s only recently that the tide has started to turn on the game adaptation front, with prestige programming like HBO’s The Last of Us or even Peacock’s Twisted Metal, which banks on an excellent cast, top-notch demolition derby stunt work, and a deep admiration for its source material that’s helped it become Peacock’s “most-binged” comedy premiere—whatever that means.

There have been gradual waves taking anime in the same direction. But American studios have produced live-action anime adaptations since the ’90s with little improvement, particularly with feature films. For every Speed Racer and Alita: Battle Angel, there’s Dragon Ball: Evolution and Ghost in the Shell.

Netflix is working hard to be the leading name in this field, and while its previous Western live-action anime productions—a film based on Death Note and a series-length reimagining of Cowboy Bebop—have failed, its latest is promising proof that a good Netflix reboot can be done. Netflix’s One Piece confidently sets sail with a bright horizon before it, while Death Note and Cowboy Bebop capsized before they could even get out their anchors, teaching some valuable lessons in how to do a live-action anime adaptation right.

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