Forget the Iron and Stock Up on Huckberry’s Wrinkle-Free Collection Instead

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Huckberry.

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There’s no way around it—you just can’t look your best when you’re wearing wrinkled clothing. Even the sharpest shirt, the finest pants, or the coolest coat can all ruin an entire ensemble if they’re rumpled and creased. The good news is that ironing is lots of fun, it’s easy to do, and we all have plenty of free time for it. Just kidding.

Honestly, ironing sucks—it’s hard to do correctly (without causing even more wrinkles), and it’s a time drain. Even if you have a portable steamer, these hacks don’t always do the trick in a pinch. The actual good news is that with the shirts, shorts, and coats in Huckberry’s new Wrinkle Free collection by Wills, you won’t have to touch that iron, steamer, or sketchy hack you Googled because these linen garments resist wrinkling with surprising efficacy—even when you’re traveling.

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