PragerU’s ‘Propaganda’ Videos Infiltrate Another State’s Classrooms

REUTERS/Andrew Couldridge

Following in Florida’s footsteps, Oklahoma’s anti-woke-obsessed education boss announced Tuesday that the state had become the second to welcome right-wing “PragerU Kids” instructional material into its classrooms statewide.

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters, who has made a name for himself by declaring that race was not a factor in the Tulsa Race Massacre, wrote in a statement that he was “thrilled” to announce a partnership with PragerU, claiming it will “ensure high quality materials rich in American history and values” to Oklahomans.

Despite its name, PragerU is not an accredited academic institution. It’s an uber-conservative advocacy group that’s become infamous for its videos that opine on hot-button cultural issues and historical events, regularly stirring up controversy since it was founded in 2009 by the conservative radio host Dennis Prager.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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