A man is dead after a gender reveal stunt involving an airplane ended in a fatal crash

Gender reveal parties typically share whether parents-to-be are expecting a boy or a girl, using blue or pink decorations with balloons or cake. More extreme reveals with fireworks or planes have ended in disaster.

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A fatal plane crash was reported in Mexico after a gender reveal stunt went wrong.
Viral video shows the plane’s wing detaching as it flies over a crowd and the expecting couple.
Previous gender reveal parties have also caused deaths and accidents like a massive wildfire.

A gender reveal party in Mexico on Sunday turned deadly when a plane included in the celebration crashed, killing the pilot, after flying over a cheering crowd. 

A viral video of the event shows the aircraft trailing pink smoke (signaling the couple is expecting a girl) while flying over decorative pink and blue balloons and a sign that reads “Oh Baby.” 

As the couple embraces and guests cheer, one wing can be seen separating from the plane as it flies away from the crowd and tailspins out of control, according to a clip with more than 12 million views posted on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

The pilot was treated at the scene and then brought to the hospital, where he later died, local authorities told CNN

A gender reveal party is a popular trend in which parents-to-be announce to friends and family whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl using blue or pink decorations that emerge in a surprising and sometimes dramatic way. Common examples include cutting into a cake that shows blue or pink frosting inside, or popping balloons that reveal color-coded confetti. 

The most recent crash isn’t the first deadly accident involving a gender reveal party. In 2021, two people were killed in another gender reveal plane stunt gone wrong, when the plane crashed into the ocean instead of flying over the party’s boat as intended.

The gender reveal trend also caused a massive wildfire in California in 2020 after a celebratory fireworks display sparked a catastrophic blaze that raged for days across more than 10,000 acres.  The incidents prompted the woman who popularized the trend to call for an end to the increasingly extreme gender reveal trend in 2020. 

“For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you,” she wrote on Facebook.

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