Trump Co-Defendant Really, Really Doesn’t Want to Be Tried With Sidney Powell

Fulton County Jail

The Massachusetts attorney accused of masterminding a “crazy” scheme to keep a defeated Donald Trump in the Oval Office is trying his damndest to separate himself from another Trump-adjacent lawyer who has been described, variously, as “a complete nut,” a “lunatic,” “a fucking nutcase,” and “even crazier than you think.”

Kenneth Chesebro, who allegedly conjured up the so-called fake electors plot after Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election, and Sidney Powell, who vowed to reverse Joe Biden’s win via the “kraken” of all lawsuits, are among 19 defendants, including Trump himself, brought up on racketeering charges in Fulton County, Georgia, related to their alleged attempt at subverting the state’s election results.

Last week Chesebro—a Wisconsin native nicknamed “The Cheese” by classmates—invoked his constitutional right to a speedy trial. A day later, Powell followed suit. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis then asked a judge to order that those granted speedy trial requests be tried together as a group.

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