‘Real Housewives of New York’ Recap: Welcome to the the Worst Christmas Party Ever

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Bravo/Getty

It’s not a Real Housewives of New York holiday episode if it doesn’t end in a blowout fight against the backdrop of beautiful decorations. There’s just something about an idyllic New York City Christmas that begs to be ravaged. Maybe it’s those blinding silver bells that trigger a feral wrath. Even a feel-good charity party in Season 12 of RHONY concluded with an eggnog-fueled rage spiral that broke the fourth wall. In that case, it looks like the women of Bravo’s reboot have done their homework. The cast of headstrong women have cooked up a feast of holiday drama, slathered it in brown avocado, and have readied it to serve piping hot.

Season 14’s seventh episode opens inside the headquarters for Jenna’s false eyelash brand, Loveseen, where Jenna and her team are casting new lash models for a photo shoot. This is like the political Situation Room for faux facial appendages, and Jenna is unafraid to make tough decisions for the good of the American public. Unlike a certain someone who once grew a brand to success on RHONY, Jenna is a skinny girl (imagine me winking with a Loveseen lash) who naturally leads with kindness as opposed to antagonistic severity. “If you’re feeling nervous, I’ll come over and make you laugh,” she says to a prospective model.

Jenna has also asked Sai to come in and assist with the model casting, citing the need for industry diversity. “I invited Sai for a couple of reasons,” Jenna begins. “I am an older white woman, and when someone comes in for a casting, I think it’s so critical to see someone who looks like them, so they know the person who’s looking at them sees them.” When Jenna says this, there’s an air of sincerity and intention in her voice. Her time at J.Crew no doubt taught her a lot of lessons, and this is one she considers extremely important. It comes off far less like an annoying obligation for her, and more like an opportunity—exactly the way she should view it.

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