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John Wilson Knows What Really Happened to the Titanic


The first thing you need to know about this week’s episode of How To with John Wilson is that there’s a huge name in the credits: Steven Soderbergh, who served as a consultant. The second is that, because of this guest contributor (but also because John Wilson is also brilliant), the penultimate installment of the series is a bewildering masterpiece.

The episode starts about birds—titled “How To Watch Birds”—but after you’ve seen the episode, your mind will be far removed from any avian-related topics. Wilson is sick of holing up inside his New York apartment all day; and yet, when he goes outside, all he does is scroll through his phone or look at the ground while he walks. He decides to pick up a new hobby to both force him outside and to keep his eyes aimed at the sky: bird watching.

Wilson immediately demonstrates his lack of expertise by heading to the wrong store to buy supplies for his new hobby. Instead of going to, say, REI or another outdoor retailer, Wilson heads to a surveillance store. All he can buy are binoculars. The rest of the shop, the worker tells him, is full of tools used for watching people, not animals. Usually, the man tells Wilson, it’s women who come in here, because they’re looking to lie to the men in their lives. (Okay?) Men who want to bird watch? It’s not the store’s target audience.

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