Kremlin Rips Claims Putin Ordered Prigozhin’s Death as ‘Absolute Lie’

Yuri Kadobnov/Reuters

The Kremlin on Friday unsurprisingly said Western accusations that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the fiery plane crash death of Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin this week are “an absolute lie.”

Prigozhin’s name was included on the passenger list of a jet that crashed in mysterious circumstances on Wednesday—killing everyone on board. Putin himself offered his condolences to Prigozhin’s family on Thursday, though stopped short of confirming the mercenary leader’s death while a “preliminary investigation” is still underway.

With Prigozhin’s apparent demise coming exactly two months after his failed mutiny against Russia’s military leadership—an unprecedented challenge to Putin’s authority—Western analysts immediately suspected that the Wagner boss’ purported death was just the latest instance of Putin exacting ruthless vengeance against a perceived traitor.

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